Kyle Sandilands apologies for “poor taste” Virgin Mary joke

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KIIS 106.5 host Kyle Sandilands kicked off his Breakfast show this morning with a lengthy apology, addressing recent comments he made about the Virgin Mary.

“Lets address the elephant in the room, yes i’m talking about me… and the comments I said about the Virgin Mary,” he started.

His original comments related to the story of the birth of Jesus, with Kyle angering members of the Christian community by joking that the Virgin Mary was impregnated “behind the camel shed”.

Last week protestors took to standing outside the KIIS 106.5 headquarters in North Ryde, Sydney.

“By Friday… I started getting phone calls. Very quickly I became very away that the thing I said had pissed a lot of people off,” Kyle continued, from a studio in LA.

“I answered hundreds of calls. Some were very, very aggressive. What I didn’t realise until I started taking these calls was that I’d stepped on the belief of other people and that’s what I’d done wrong.

“It was a joke and it was a hugely bad decision, poor taste. I didn’t realise the gravity of it and it really upset a lot of people.

“I get upset at the fact that I’ve caused a lot of grief to a lot of people. That’s never what I meant to do.

Listen to the apology in full, below:

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