Kyle Sandilands joins John Laws’ show to discuss Trump, his weight & fear of death

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Radio stalwarts John Laws and Kyle Sandilands got together today to chat all things radio, body image, death and religion on Laws’ 2SM.

The uninterrupted 45-minute chat kicked off with Laws asking Sandilands how he has survived this long in the industry.

“A lot of people have asked that, because, really if anyone’s going to lose in this ‘cancel culture’, you’d think I would, but I’m like a cockroach – I survive against all odds. I don’t know how because I just speak my truth, so it might not be someone else’s truth. It might not actually even be the truth,” Sandilands said.

The duo also tackled the concept of truth in their discussion of former US President Donald Trump, with Sandilands lamenting the Republican’s recent election loss.

“I was disappointed Trump didn’t get back in as the President, I’ve gotta say. That’s not a joke. That’s what I truly think. Because I live half the year in America, and half the year here. Now I know he says a lot of weird things, I know he’s out there, bit of a cray, cray. I don’t know whether I liked him, whether I was entertained by watching him, because I don’t know much about his politics, but I just thought it was great to have someone out there finally just telling what he thinks is the truth. It might not be what everyone believes, but rather than just a politician lie, lie, lie, lie just constantly…..At least he believed what he said. I don’t believe in anti-abortion and all that stuff, you can have your own opinion on that stuff, but I sort of miss him,” Sandilands said.

The plight of overweight white men was discussed beyond Trump, with Sandilands also arguing they are the last subset of people who can be publicly ridiculed and teased.

“I think being an overweight, white guy, I’m the last guy that you’re allowed to say bad things about. You’re not allowed to say bad things about anyone from anywhere, or any different colour, or any religion, or anything, or height, or anything, sexual preference, it doesn’t matter. But an overweight white guy, open slather still, have you noticed?…. You’re allowed to say anything you want to an overweight white guy,” he said.

He did reveal, however, that his weight does concern him, as he fears “spontaneous death”.

One thing he doesn’t fear though, he said, is the “haters” who waste time criticising him in comment sections and on social media platforms.

He will rarely take their feedback on board, let alone read it, he said.

The exception, he noted, was when he angered various religious communities with his comments about the Virgin Mary being impregnated “behind the camel shed”. Sandilands was counselled by ACMA over the incident, and apologised for not appreciating the gravity of people’s faith and what he’d done wrong.

He told Laws he still carries those lessons today.

“I said something about Mary, and I won’t repeat what I said, because some people were annoyed, and now, everywhere I look, I see Mary – stickers, statues. I think I’ve learned a lesson there, which doesn’t happen with me often. I very rarely learn a lesson. But now I have a portrait of Mary in my house… to remind me, just cause I’m stupid and uneducated, doesn’t mean I don’t have to think about others that might listen to the show,” he said.

Laws and Sandilands also spoke to a listener Emmanuel, who claimed to dislike both broadcasters. Both men questioned why, if this was the case, he was bothering to listen to the show and engage with them.

The exchange ended with the caller calling Sandilands a “fat fuckwit” and Laws saying he would very happily break Emmanuel’s nose.

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11 Feb 2021 - 5:03 pm

40 odd minutes of self indulgent fluff. Awful stuff.

Peter Taylor
11 Feb 2021 - 9:57 pm

Two radio legends – the former who started decades ahead of the latter – together on air chewing the fat. Each admirers of each other and absolutely connected in this radio segment. What a statement it says about both John and Kyle, and how collegial our wonderful industry can be! You REALLY need to have a listen!!

13 Feb 2021 - 7:56 am

Luved it.
They are both like Teflon in the industry… have solidified their careers and show respect for one another. I enjoyed this interaction.

28 Jul 2021 - 7:04 pm

Kyle is so entertaining, a lot of people judge him unfairly.
The ratings prove that he is an interesting guy. Laws is Brilliant too.


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