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KIIS 106.5’s Kyle and Jackie O went down a path on the Breakfast Show this morning that has raised a few eyebrows and questions, with speculation increasing through the day that the pair may, again, be in trouble with the ACMA.

Kyle & Jackie offered $1000 for a listener called Josh to prove that he could, in Jackie O’s words, “..bend himself in half and he can take care of business solo, just him and his mouth”.

The act played out this morning live to air, just after 8am, with a few other male staff members at ARN’s Sydney HQ.

“OK, so what we’re gonna do, the guys have got a Crunchie bar between their legs,” said Jackie O. “Give it a whack guys.”

And if you missed the inference, Kyle made sure you got it, saying: “He’s just bitten three inches off the top, make sure you swallow that Crunchie. Don’t spit it out, you know the rules.”

With the act delivered, Josh secured his $1k prize, but it didn’t end there, with the next stunt suggested to be with females.

“Jackie, can this be done the other way around? If we got a couple of meat pies from down at Harry’s, do you reckon you girls could do this thing?” said Kyle,

The Australian Radio Network, In a statement to, seem to be comfortable with the segment, with a spokesperson saying:

“This segment came about organically in response to an article on a popular global news site that stated interesting human facts. From that, a segment was developed which became a social experiment with a call out to Sydney listeners.

“Being mindful of the time that this segment was being aired, we ensured that there wasn’t any sexually explicit language. There have been no complaints to the station.”

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