Kyle and Jackie O help young couple save fertility before cancer treatment

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Kyle and Jackie O have pulled off yet another incredible act of kindness, helping a young man and his girlfriend plan for the future before she undergoes treatment for cancer.

19-year-old Josh called KIIS 106.5 on Thursday with a request for Kyle. He asked for a $2,000 loan so that his girlfriend Monique can freezer her eggs before she starts treatment for cancer.

Monique, 18, was diagnosed at Christmas, and the couple of three years had just a few short days to raise the money they needed, so that they can still have children one day if the radiation treatment impacts her fertility.

“I don’t want you feel sorry for me and feel like you have to help me,” said Josh.

Josh told Kyle he was planning on selling his car to pay him back, if he granted the wish, and Kyle immediately responded that he was “more than happy” to spot the money.

“I do feel sorry for you, but i’m not giving you the money for that, it’s because of what a stand up guy you are that you’re willing to sell your own stuff to help your missus out,” Kyle continued.

“I rekon you and I should just pitch in and just give it to him,” suggested Jackie.

“Forget about the repaying,” said Kyle. “You’ve got enough stress, you’ve got enough worry.”

The young couple then got even better news, with Dr Knight from Demeter Fertility calling in and offering the couple free IVF services and an egg freezing cycle worth 15-20 grand.

“This is why I love doing this show,” said Kyle.

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