Kyle & Jackie O’s: Give or Take

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Would you let a stranger walk away with $5000 when it could be all yours?

That’s the very question Kyle & Jackie O asked two complete strangers choosen randomly on the street. Ashleigh and Kate both explained how they each desperately needed the money for their families.


Talking with Kyle & Jackie O, Kate revealed she only had $8 in her bank account and despite working on weekends and in the evening as a cleaner and her husband’s job as an electrician, finances for the family are tight. The family is facing their electricity being disconnected, and mounting bills, meanwhile their eldest son needs braces, which they have been putting off until they save money.

Kate was given 24 hours to make the heart wrenching decision – whether she’s will to give the money to Ashleigh or keep the $5000 for herself.

After a long discussion with her family, Kate admitted that even moments before she had to announce her decision on air she still was in two minds about what to do. But in the end, she felt the only right thing to do was to give Ashleigh the money, saying that she wanted to set a good example for her children who also suggested the money should go to Ashleigh.

So moved by the gesture of goodwill unfolding before their eyes, and unable to split the money with the competition rules, Kyle & Jackie O decided to give Kate $5000 from their own pocket.



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