Kyle and Jackie O weigh up their options as contract nears end 

Are radio heavyweights Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson shopping around for a new station to call home? 

The KIIS duo are reportedly open to offers from rival stations as they enter the final 18 months of their contract signed with ARN’s KIIS in 2019, worth an estimated $8 million a year each

According to The Australian Financial Review, reliable sources say rival network SCA has been “pretty aggressive” in trying to lure the pair away from their current gig with KIIS as negotiations are likely to climax later this year. 

AFR’s network insider said, “It’s very likely it’ll end up being the biggest talent media deal ever.” 

“It’s about more money and making it a bigger show, meaning reaching more markets.” 

Kyle & Jackie O consistently top FM radio ratings and were inducted into the ACRA Commercial Radio Hall of Fame last year.

The pair’s show has grown considerably over the past few years, with an audience of around 900,000 for their Breakfast show, which was also adapted into the Kyle and Jackie O Hour of Power highlights show on KIIS. 

ARN CEO Ciaran Davis said the network has worked with Kyle and Jackie O to cultivate a harmonious work environment that has helped contribute to the results. 

“Since Kyle and Jackie O have been with us, we have been working very hard to make sure they feel part of a bigger network, and that everybody contributes to that. I don’t think that it’s a surprise to us that they have had the highest listenership they have ever had,” Davis said.

Their contract decision has the power to shape the future of vying radio networks, with rumours circulating that ARN’s recent 14.8% stake in Southern Cross Media could be a defensive move should the powerhouse duo choose to leave ARN.

In regard to the headhunting rumours, SCA said, “We don’t comment on speculation.”

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3 Jul 2023 - 12:38 pm

Kyle wants Sydney AND Melbourne breakfast.
The network brave enough to do it will get them.

KIIS Melbourne has nothing to lose.

NOVA could put BLB into drive and pay for KJ with the money from F&W&KR and RL,T&J.

SCA love FoxFM to much so maybe not?

3 Jul 2023 - 6:44 pm

Kyle & Jackie O would be fool hardy to jump to SCA. ARN is the aggressive network and growing. SCA has stagnated in many ways. They made big blunders renaming local stations and networking breakfast shows in my view.

4 Jul 2023 - 1:17 am

Kyle wants to go national with the show. SCA have more regional stations as well as more metro markets. It only makes sense this show needs to go national for breakfast. SCA will want it way more because they know how much KJ are worth as they have lost hundreds of millions since they left. Kiis have been stupid to not launch the show national. Yes the high lights are during the 6-7pm. But they’re more ears listening in the 6-9am. If you’re paying 2 big talents huge $$. You really need them over as many markets not just 1 major market. If I was running arn. I would be testing KJ in all those other markets during non survey periods. If the audience is attracted to them. Then it’s a winner. They’re the only non talk back station that can draw in ears for 10-15 mins of talk breaks. The others can’t. The test was last year when Jackie I left for a month and came back stronger than ever. These 2 are unstoppable. The winner will be the network that signs them and the listeners. Because they will walk. Kiis plays a similar playlist to SCA and if they were to jump to nova which could be on the cards. Then nova fm does syndication better that the others. But whatever network takes the risk it will be a big pay day.

4 Jul 2023 - 9:31 am

The problem Kyle has ALWAYS had is that no one outside of Western Sydney likes him.
He’s hated whenever he pops up on TV. He’s hated whenever they pop up on national radio.

Nova don’t have the money.
SCA are dumb enough to spend it.
ARN know KIIS would collapse without them.
This might be interesting.

4 Jul 2023 - 10:51 am

The strength of Kyle and Jackie is their ability to be local

For example when it is a beautiful day, Jackie will say “isn’t the weather beautiful”

Can’t say this when you’re broadcasting to Melbourne

4 Jul 2023 - 9:56 pm

Aussiecam58, I agree that ARN has now matched SCA’s footprint with its regional Grants acquisition, but the only reason why SCA has stagnated and made those decisions stems from losing K&J in 2014. If they get them back then ARN will be the ones crushed this time.

Mick C
5 Jul 2023 - 5:16 am

Just another publicity stunt to get networks to ” bid” against to get more money .

6 Jul 2023 - 9:07 am

It’s on deal done.

7 Jul 2023 - 7:06 pm

Grant Blackley was desperate for Kyle to have a coffee with him at last year’s radio awards.

18 Jul 2023 - 3:00 pm

Kyle won’t go anywhere, no one else wants
them as they are not commercially viable anymore. ARN will renegotiate and reduce their salary just like many others on radio.


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