Kyle a no-show at 2 weddings

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Earlier this week there were reports that Kyle called in sick to his best mate Brian McFadden's Italian wedding.

Now The Daily Telegraph have revealed that he was also a no-show to MC Labrat's wedding in April.

One wedding guest said…

"It was pretty unbelievable, obviously it upset Labby. They had been friends for years so it was sad for that reason."

"The other reason is that it took some of the attention away from what was supposed to be a really special day for the couple. People talked about Kyle not showing up when the focus should have been on Labby and (Hawkins' wife) Lou."

The B105 breakfast host confirmed the story but didn't say anything more than that.

"It ended the friendship – for obvious reasons," a friend said. "It was hard for (Hawkins). The two of them had been great mates for years."

See the full story in the Daily Telegraph here

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