Kyle & Jackie O in another controversy

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Last Friday, 2Day FM's Kyle & Jackie O had a guest in the studio, Underbelly actor Jared Daperis.

During the chat they aired a segment that had criminals call in and they had to guess what crime they committed.

A robber, drug dealer, car thief and shoplifter called into the show.

Critics are calling the segment 'a disgrace' and 'a slap in the face to crime victims,' reports The Daily Telegraph.

Noel McNamara, president of the Crime Victims Support Association, said:

"I'm absolutely lost for words. It's just a disgusting, disgraceful thing to do to make a joke about things like this.

"We have enough difficulty trying to educate youngsters to do the right thing without these idiots. It is in bad taste and is a slap in the face of victims.

"Trying to have a joke about it when there are victims involved is hard to believe.

"It is offensive. They are a disgrace. They should take a long hard look at themselves and whoever regulates the show should look at it as well."

SCA's Sydney PR Manager, Vicki Heath, told the paper, "At this stage it is unlikely we will have anything to add."

Hear the full segment below and make up your own mind :-
or hear it here

Read more in The Daily Telegraph here.

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