Kurt Coleman: Who the hell is he?

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He’s got over 151k Instagram followers, 250k on Facebook, he’s not afraid to take a selfie – in a word he’s ‘Perfect’.

Now he’s joining Stav & Abby on b105 for 2015.

Gold Coast boy, Kurt Coleman has got himself a weekly spot with his own special take on things with- The world according to Kurt.

“My talent is my face and my brain”, stated Kurt.

Kurt has absolutely won b105 over with his unique take on the world and his surprisingly frank self-confidence, or put another way by Stav: “I’m going to go away and pray for our youth”

Have a listen. https://radiotoday.com.au/music/stav-and-abby-kurt-coleman-purlikekurt.mp3

Kurt's appearance this morning has also caused just a little bit of discussion on b105's Facebook page:




Post by B105.


You can experience Kurt on Instagram. Here is just one tiny sample of his selfies for Janaury.

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