Kristen Henry: Have I missed my window of having kids?

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“Is it weird I feel I can have this conversation here & not with some people in my personal life?”

That’s the question my co-host Kristen Henry asked me following a brutally honest & confronting break this morning.

Part of that ability to execute such a break comes from a long work relationship & friendship, but most of it comes from having the courage to do what it takes to connect with your audience.

As on air personalities we need to continually remind ourselves that terms like, ‘live the market’, ‘be relatable’ & ‘say what your listener is thinking’ are more than slogans. They get said so often they can feel like clichés…but as long as your content is honest & real they’re still essential filters to run our stuff through.

Filters & mantras aside, the break is just gutsy stuff! Knowing what you need to do to succeed on air is one thing…having the courage to do it is another.

To read Kristen’s article go to or to see the listener reaction go to Mix 106.3 Canberra on FACEBOOK.

Rod Cuddihy is the Canberra FM Assistant Content Director & MIX 106.3 Breakfast Host. Rod has anchored breakfast shows around Australia for the last 14 years.

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