Kingaroy Survey 1, 2023

The Kingaroy Survey 1 results for 2023 have been released today, showing Hit89.1 South Burnett remaining the most listened-to station in the 10+ despite losses in all time slots.

10+ Snapshot:

  • 23.9 (-2.2) – Hit89.1 South Burnett
  • 12.7 (-0.8) – ABC Southern Queensland
  • 8.8 (-0.7) – 4SB

Hit89.1 South Burnett is at the top of all age demographics except 65+, but had a notably large drop of -15.6 in the 10-17, while all other stations in the survey had risen in the same bracket. Hit89.1 also maintained the most listeners in all the major time slots, including Breakfast and Drive, but had losses in each. The biggest loss was -5.7 in Drive. Breakfast dropped -3.4 to 23.8.

ABC Wide Bay had the largest rise in the 10+ with a +1.4 jump to find 5.4. 

ABC RN was the only other station in Kingaroy Survey 1 to rise in the 10+, showing a +0.7 increase. 

ABC Southern Queensland has a listenership of 31.1 in the 65+ demographic, as well as competitive volumes of listeners across all time slots, including 13.2 in Breakfast and 15.7 on Weekends. ABC SQ did however have an -11.3 drop in the 55-64 brackets.

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18 Apr 2023 - 3:24 pm

According to the 10+ SLTM figures, 38.5% of listeners are unaccounted for.

Genuine question. Which station(s) are they listening to? The local community station(s), such as Crow FM? Stations just outside the official broadcast area? DAB+ variants?

Or, is it that 38.5% of listeners couldn’t nominate one station as their most listened-to station above any other? Or, a combination of the aforementioned variables? (Margin of error? Surely not!!)

In any event, 38.5% is a significantly large segment of the 10+ audience we don’t know about for the key metric being used to essentially determine the ‘best-performing’ station.

For example, could one of the other stations not participating or recognised by the survey potentially be the most-listened to or ‘best-performing’ station in the designated listening area?

Just askin’. Thanks!

Eleanor Stanley
19 Apr 2023 - 3:33 am

The unreported share is very high in the South Burnett and that’s because most are listening to 90.7 Crow FM.

With studios in Wondai, this professionally operated community station fills a very large format gap in the market and does what community radio can be great at, providing a format that compliments the commercial choices.

Well done again Crow FM.

20 Apr 2023 - 11:00 am

Congratulations to Crow FM for obviously being the No. 1 station in the market.

Bill Weir
15 Nov 2023 - 4:20 pm

In all the enthusiasm for Crow-FM, I think some readers are overlooking the impact of Cherbourg Radio and Wild Horse FM, which have very strong listenership in Cherbourg and the South Nanango to Blackbutt areas respectively.

Crow FM is not very accessible in half of Kingaroy and areas south of Kingaroy, so it’s probably fairer to suggest the missing 38.5% is split between these three community stations.


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