SA radio stalwart Ken Dickin passes away

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Dicken alongside former co-host 'Cornsey' in 2017

Popular South Australian broadcaster Ken Dickin passed away on Christmas Day in his Adelaide home.

He had been battling prostate cancer for over a decade.

Dickin’s radio career began in the 1960s on Adelaide’s 5AD. He then moved to 5DN alongside Nan Witcomb and subsequently moved into Breakfast. Next up was FIVEaa working alongside Graham Cornes on Ken and the Coach, and Sonya Feldhoff in the early morning slot.

He returned to 5DN and hosted Drive alongside Neil Balme.

In 2017 he told Cornes on Conversations with Cornsey that he did not fear death.

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Don Stevens. VOP and Radio Caroline.
27 Jan 2021 - 1:58 am

I worked with Ken on the Voice of Peace off the coast of Israel when Ken worked there from 1975 to 1976 and rapidly became the most popular VOP 1540 DJ, it did not harm that his name, Ken, is Yes in Hebrew. One of the most professional airmen ever, he and his Aussie team brought Top 40 Boss radio to the Middle East. His passing will sadden many, myself included, loved the guy for his talent, generosity and his permanent helping hand to all. Straight roads on the rest of your journey Ken <3

Gary Dawe
2 Sep 2021 - 6:30 pm

Great times had mate

3 Aug 2023 - 7:55 am

I shared a flat with Ken and Jules (Retro) in Fulham, London in ’75. They had both just left 4GG on the Gold Coast. I had an affiliation with Ken as I had the experience as the DJ on a NZ Navy frigate on an extended Pacific cruise in ’71.

He was a very learned, quiet, gentle guy and great fun at the local with Pool & Pints.

Ironically we all got jobs at the same time, leaving the Fulham flat far behind, Ken and Jules with VOP offshore Israel and I, as an Aviation Electronics Engineer with Israeli Air Force at Bedeck, Israel.

It’s always interesting how the pathway of life crisscross’s through time.

Ken Ross


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