Kate Miller Heidke ‘liberated’ from JJJ

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Kate Miller-Heidke has been interviewed by The Music, and said that she feels a sense of liberation in not being a 'Triple J artist' these days.

In the interview, she has said;


You know, I think people can tell when you’re being honest. Curiouser was a much more layered, playful pop record, by comparison.

I think I’m just really getting into the craft of pop music and really getting off on the idea of being, you know, absolutely, unselfconsciously daggy if I want to be. 

The freedom of not being a ‘triple j artist’ means I can kind of do whatever the fuck I want. I’m feeling quite liberated, these days.

So what is a Triple J artist these days, and is there actually such a thing? 

You can read the full article at The Music here.


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