Kate Langbroek debuts on KIIS’ 3PM Pick Up, complete with Dave Hughes impersonation

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Kate Langbroek has kicked off her latest radio role this afternoon, joining Monty Diamond and Yumi Stynes on KIIS FM’s 3PM Pick Up.

The hour-long program is targeted at women, particularly those doing the school run or needing a ‘pick up’ as they slug through the final hours of the work day.

The first talk break, which you can listen to below, featured discussion of Diamond’s looming child brith, before Stynes interrupted to redirect conversation to Langbroek’s arrival at the program.

Langbroek is replacing Bec Judd, who announced last year she was leaving to spend more time with her family. Langbroek will appear on the program on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

In the second talk break, available below, Langbroek spoke about the dissolution of the Hughesy & Kate brand, which had seen her partnered on-air alongside comedian Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes on both KIIS, and more recently Southern Cross Austereo’s (SCA) Hit Network.

She was replaced by Ed Kavalee to form Hughesy & Ed. The syndicated Drive program has since moved to 2DayFM Breakfast in Sydney and added Erin Molan to its lineup.

Stynes asked Langbroek: “I really want to know though, like I really want you to be frank about this, you used to be part of Hughesy & Kate… It was a powerhouse duo. So what made that come to an end? Like, what made you make that decision?

Langbroek responded with “Oh my goodness”.

“It was a big thing, but he knew it was coming for a long time, because I had pre-empted, and we were doing a show here [at KIIS] together, when I decided that we were going to go and live in Italy, right? And so I had, of course, spoken to him about it, because he’s, other than my husband, the most significant man in my life. And it has been like a marriage, and now, it’s like a divorce,” she explained, to great laughter from her co-hosts.

“He kept saying to me, ‘What are you going to do all day?'” she said, impersonating Hughes’ broad Australian accent, long associated with the comedian. “I’m like ‘My dream, my dream is nothingness,'” she said.

Hughes recently told media SCA had tried to get Langbroek to join its new 2DayFM Morning Crew lineup, but she had other priorities.

“Kate is, we were trying to get Kate involved in this show, but she’s got different priorities and that’s fair enough. So, Kate was definitely in the mix… There was an offer for Kate, but she [didn’t take it]. We still speak. I’m going to see her tonight. We still talk a lot and text a lot, and yea, nah, she got a sweet gig. To be honest, she got a sweet gig. 3PM Pick Up is a sweet gig…. She knows that, but yea, I love Kate and she loves me, I believe, so we will continue to be great friends, and who knows what happens in the future,” he told Radio Today ahead of the launch of his Breakfast show.

Listen below to the first two talk breaks from the 3PM Pick Up.

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27 Jan 2021 - 6:59 pm

Kate is better without Dave.

27 Jan 2021 - 7:55 pm

What’s the difference between Kate Langbrook and Erin Molan?

Kate Langbrook actually has things of substance to say. Erin has nothing much to say so she just cracks up laughing (like Tim Blackwell on Nova)

28 Jan 2021 - 12:54 pm

Kate is one of the best in Australia. So glad to hear her back on the radio.


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