K rock’s Lingy lets rip at Swiftie social media braggers


Like Taylor Swift, Cameron Ling knows what it’s like to play in front of more than 90,000 fans at the MCG.

Now, the former Geelong AFL star turned breakfast radio host has made headlines, for calling out Tay Tay fans who attended her concerts more than once … then bragged about it on social media.

Millions of people tried to buy tickets to the Australian leg of Swift’s Eras tour.

While many missed out completely, some fans managed to snare tickets for not just one, but several shows.

On K rock’s Tom, Lingy & Loggy Breakfast show this week, Lingy took aim at the braggers who’ve been rubbing other people’s noses in it.

“Don’t flaunt it! Don’t put it on social media. You know what you are? You are a flog.”

“If you do that and pump it into other people’s faces, I’m not a big fan of yours.”

Ling’s co-host Lauren ‘Loggy’ Temuskos can certainly relate.

Temuskos herself was crushed to miss out on Tay Tay tickets, the situation made worse by watching on as other fans got to see Swift in concert several times over.

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