Jono Coleman’s cancer update

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Loved Aussie radio and TV personality Jonathan Coleman has given an update in his battle with cancer.

In July, Jono told 2GB’s Steve Price that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a year prior and that tests had shown spreading to his lymph nodes and bones.

The 62-year-old has now revealed that a year on from his last chemotherapy treatment, he’s cancer free

Jono told Stars at 60 that he continues to undergo preventative treatment.

“Every month I’m getting a hormone injection in the stomach, which stops any potential cancers from coming back,” Jono said.

“Some people have them once every three months but for the time being I’m keen to continue with once a month.”

He also revealed he is taking a “new American drug” that stops cancer cells from forming.

“I’m feeling pretty good. Everyone says, ‘I can’t believe you had cancer’, but I think it’s all about never being complacent.

“I have cancer in my body somewhere and cancer is a very nasty and horrible thing that hides. I find it very dangerous to say things like, ‘I’m cancer free’ because I know so many people who have said that and then five years later they find it somewhere else.”

Jono reunited with Russ Williams recently to launch the Russ and Jono Rebooted podcast.

The latest episode is below, and you can catch up on the series so far here.

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