Jase & Lauren to be the new hosts of Nova 100 Breakfast


Huge radio news today, with NOVA Entertainment announcing Jase Hawkins and Lauren Phillips are to be the new hosts of Nova 100’s new Breakfast show in Melbourne – Jase & Lauren.

The former KIIS Breakfast hosts are already well known to Melbourne radio listeners.

Nova 100’s current Breakfast show team of Ben, Liam & Belle will host a new national show called Late Drive from 6pm to 8pm weekdays.

Nova’s Group Programming Director Brendan Taylor says “Lauren and Jase are world class radio broadcasters and their track record speaks for itself.”

Phillips says she is excited to be joining the Nova team: “I’ve been a long time fan of the station. It’s a dream come true.”

Hawkins says “I’m rapt to have a job again. I’m even more over the moon that we get to join Nova.”


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9 Feb 2024 - 10:23 am

Great move Nova!

Ben Liam and Belle Fan
9 Feb 2024 - 11:32 am

Makes sense. I will say that Ben, Liam and Belle are the most underrated show on Australian radio. They are doing stuff that pretty much no other bfast show is doing. They just need time. Warming them up in late drive is a pretty good move for them to land in a show somewhere are Australia in the next 2 years (cough) Sydney.

S. E.
9 Feb 2024 - 1:35 pm

Amazing news, Jase is radio GOLD and Nova was smart as to bring them on board, can’t wait to tune in every morning!

9 Feb 2024 - 2:05 pm

Will their producer Alice James be joining them She is awesome

9 Feb 2024 - 2:23 pm

Breakfast shows in Melb will be one to watch for sure in 24.

9 Feb 2024 - 2:33 pm

… does anyone notice the irony of a radio network owned by Lachlan Murdoch installing the breakfast team dumped by a radio network 13% owned by the corporation that Lachlan Murdoch chairs in order to beat them?

9 Feb 2024 - 3:04 pm

Jase & Lauren never worked on 101.1 and had many years to turn it on its head. Why will they now work on Nova? Please explain.

9 Feb 2024 - 4:29 pm

Jase & Lauren..smart.
Kyle & Jackie are just smut.

9 Feb 2024 - 5:14 pm

When dp they start?

9 Feb 2024 - 5:48 pm

So will be switching to NOVA

9 Feb 2024 - 6:44 pm

OMG, I can listen to NOVA 100 in the morning again YAY!!!

Jason, Andrew Toppin from Mubarek Victoria
9 Feb 2024 - 7:07 pm

Kiiss 182.1’s Ross, is Nova’s gain sad to see many X kiss listeners. I have read on the nova Facebook page have already switched to nova or will switch nova. This proves Melbourne talent prevails over Sydney talent many times over

Secret Squirrel
9 Feb 2024 - 7:51 pm

My understanding is that Jase requested to be “released” from contract obligations at ARN and is now serving an exclusion period.

10 Feb 2024 - 4:45 am

Wow.. I had to check the date to make sure it wasn’t 1 April! This is a massive play by Nova.. will definitely make ARN’s job of launching K&J in Melb that little bit tougher.

10 Feb 2024 - 7:33 am

Jason was huge in Brisbane back in the day on B105 Morning Show Labby, Camilla and Stav.. When he left and moved to New Zealand and Camilla left, I switched over to 97.3 to listen to Robin, Terry and Bob.. I still listen to 97.3 today…

10 Feb 2024 - 1:35 pm

This is such good news and a smart move by Nova.

We’d switched KIIS off the day J&L finished. Turned to Nova from then.

10 Feb 2024 - 3:16 pm

I am so happy that there back thank you Nova

Jason, Andrew Toppin from Mubarek Victoria
10 Feb 2024 - 5:09 pm

I follow someone on Facebook who will defect from 3MP and listen to Nova 100 because of Jase and orange Lauren being signed by Nova 100

Bennie Gee
10 Feb 2024 - 5:23 pm

So glad they’ve landed on their feet, so often this industry is too brutal of great talent and then we end up with people leaving the industry and a lack of talent. Agree that this will make ARNs job more challenging, but we must never underestimate the juggernaut that is Kylie and Jackie O! Will be watching on with interest.

10 Feb 2024 - 6:41 pm

YAY!!!!!!! Way to go Nova!!
Mornings are not as fun without them on the air!

Am I missing something
11 Feb 2024 - 10:15 am

So let me get this straight… Nova have replaced one under performing breakfast show with another underperforming breakfast show… then moved the underperforming breakfast show to national drive??? ….. haha, what the hell is going on?

I actually hate to say it but K&J are going to rip this market apart.

12 Feb 2024 - 9:20 am

Nova knee jerk reaction. Nova Melbourne and Sydney breakfast shows never rate above 7% anyway. This is a company punching at shadows obviously terrified of Kyle and Jackie coming down to Melbourne.

12 Feb 2024 - 12:47 pm

Kyle & Jacki O national format for Melbourne radio ??
Melbourne already had it’s personality portraying the obnoxious high and mighty in Sam Newman.

13 Feb 2024 - 6:50 am

Even SCA gave the endless number of new shows on 2dayfm more than a year. And same with ARN on Kiis101.1 too. New shows take time to build traction. Disappointed Nova would train a new team like Ben and Liam, transfer them and then axe them after only 8 surveys. Terrible form. #supportyoungnewtalent

13 Feb 2024 - 11:40 pm

@Dan – You can hardly call Ben, Liam & Belle a ‘new’ team; they’ve been doing breakfast radio in various markets, including nationally whilst at triple j, for many years. With their national profile, it makes sense for Nova to capitalise on it and move them to a national show. At the same time, they’ve doubled-down on an opportunity to pick up an established Melbourne show in Jase & Lauren and their disgruntled ex-KIIS listeners. It’s a great play by Nova.

21 Feb 2024 - 3:13 pm

Great to hear the dynamic duo are back on breakfast radio. Mornings are going to be enjoyable again. Best decision nova has made


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