Jack Post’s big week

Last week was a big one for 104.3 GOLDFM’s Jack Post, celebrating news of a number one breakfast slot, then welcoming his baby with his wife, Bianca. 

Thursday brought the news of increased ratings and the number one FM breakfast slot in Melbourne with GOLDFM’s Christian O’Connell Show.

If that wasn’t enough, on Friday at 7:57 pm, Jack and his wife Bianca then welcomed their baby boy, Gordon.

“After a long day Friday, we welcomed a new family member into the world. His name is Gordon Post,” said Jack. 

“He’s happy and healthy and so is my wife Bianca. She did an incredible job, Gordy was desperate to stay in but she got him out.” 

“My best mate just named his baby Henry, and another friend has a baby, Thomas. We are slowly ticking off all the trains in Thomas the Tank Engine.”

Jack is well known for his work alongside Christian O’Connell, as well as on Hamish & Andy’s weekly podcast, but his real knack appears to be in parenting.

“So far parenting has been a piece of cake and I suspect that won’t change,” said Jack. 

“Not to make it a competition amongst other parents but he’s 2 days old and he’s already walking. Very impressive.”

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