J Play comes to an end after 12 years

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After 12 years of tracking every song and artist played on national broadcaster triple j, The Brag Media has called time on J Play.

J Play was the brainchild of Paul Stipack, who wanted to provide its listeners and the wider music industry with statistics and analysis of the artists and songs supported by the influential broadcaster.

Parent company The Brag Media (formerly Seventh Street Media) released a farewell letter to the site and its users, citing a change in the media landscape for its decision to stop updating the resource.

“Now the music industry looks at many other datasets including new trends on streaming services like Spotify, media coverage on music sites as well as broader playlist data from services like AirCheck and Radiomonitor.

“More than that though, triple j has begun releasing their own weekly Top 50 rankings…”

Such data is also available from The Music Network, which has been recognised as the industry standard for weighted radio airplay charts and analysis for more than two decades.

Stipack gave a statement, explaining that when J Play launched in September 2006 from a simple idea to “give the listeners a way to know what’s being played on the j’s.

“Back then the presenters still used CDs, there was no twitter playlist feeds and no Shazam.

“It grew quickly and garnered support from many of the local record labels and the wider local music industry. “

The database of 40,000 songs, 11,000 artists and 15,000 playlists will remain available on the J Play for the foreseeable future, but will no longer be updated.

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24 Jan 2019 - 1:16 pm

There aren’t many out there that still do collation of every song played on a particular station, so to see it go, its sad because it provided a great service for anyone looking to know what was happening.

Guess i’ll just have to use lava.net.au now…


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