It’s all about a million dollars

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$1,000,000 seems to be the magic dollar amount every radio station wants to offer up for a contest.

WSFM have recently been getting in on the action with their 'Million Dollar Riff'

Today at the final OB with Jonesy & Amanda, the lucky listener spun the wheel but unfortunately only walked away with a t-shirt. See more pics here.

Over at SCA Sydney, Triple M's Grill Team have been plugging that they had a big announcement at 8.13am. No matter what was happening at that time they would stop the show and reveal all.

They too are giving a listener the chance to win $1,000,000 at the first NRL game of the 2013 season. At halftime the Triple M listener can either try and convert from the sideline to win the million or kick from in front for $250,000.

Have a listen to the Million Dollar Kick announcement below :-
or hear it here

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