It’s a mans world …well it was?

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For Kiis’s Intern Pete, it’s a man’s world, but tonight he is gonna try the other team.

We all know of Kyle and Jackie O’s reputation for pushing the boundaries and when Intern Pete dropped  some magic words  amongst others, "I'm intrigued to find out what I did miss?” – it was on. 

Pete is not afraid to lay his body on the line with the various stunts he has done in the name of K&J… tonight’s? …. We will let your mind wander.

In all fairness Kyle and Jackie O gave him 24 hours to think about it a little more before committing to the deed.

Kiis' social streams lit up faster than a red light in Kings Cross.


Pete wasn’t going to do it with a friend, so they lined up a special lady of the night, one Lucie Bee.

“You’ve got to strike while the iron’s hot”, Lucie shared on the show this morning, as well as going into all the deets on what Pete was in for.

"This is a little quick, don’t you think?”, Kyle asked Pete. His reply, "I thought, ‘No, let’s get this done”.


Does sex sell?

Has it gone one too far?



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