Ipswich Ratings: Local station River 94.9 remains way out in front

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Image: River 94.9’s Breakfast team Marnie & Campo 

Grant Broadcasters’ River 94.9 remains Ipswich’s top radio station, with 29.6% of the surveyed audience saying they listen to the station the most.

Other stations surveyed in the region are broadcast out of Brisbane, around 45 kilometres away.

Southern Cross Austereo’s (SCA) Brisbane-based B105 is second with 14.7% of respondents saying they listen to the station the most.

The race is slightly tighter within certain demographics, however, with B105 leading the way with those aged 25 to 39 (24.6% compared to River’s 22.7%). River, meanwhile, dominates the 40 to 54s (39.2%) and 55 to 64s (44.1%).

River also had gains in Breakfast, up 4.1 points from the last survey in October 2017. Last survey, it was on 25.0% for the timeslot, while this time around it had 29.1%. Marnie T and Paul ‘Campo’ Campion host the slot from 5am to 9am.

In second place in Breakfast is B105’s Stav, Abby & Matt, down 0.1 points to 15.3%.

River 94.9’s general manager David Wiltshire said he’s very pleased with the result.

“It’s great to see our investment in local personalities creating local content is returning such huge audience numbers,” he said.

Content director Drew Champan added that today’s result was an outstanding reward for the team’s hard work.

“Our relentless commitment to our local community absolutely paid off today,” he said. “I couldn’t be prouder of our entire team, but particularly Marnie and Campo, now in their fifth year on Breakfast together.”

Most stations made gains in terms of cumulative audience this survey, with River up 47,900 to 121,200, and B105 up 29,500 to 71,600.

Nova 106.9 was up 32,500 to 54,200.

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Such is life
8 Jun 2021 - 11:24 am

Yeah wow, a solus market that people can buy around. Solid results by B105 for sure!

I’d have expected a stronger result similar to those seen on the Central Coast, where metro radio barely makes an appearance.

Reg Carmichael
8 Jun 2021 - 1:37 pm

Aren’t they the local station ? You’d expet them to be no 1 maybe ?

    8 Jun 2021 - 2:13 pm

    Hi Reg,

    The headline says ‘Local station River 94.9…’ and the article points out that “Other stations surveyed in the region are broadcast out of Brisbane, around 45 kilometres away.”

    So, I’m not sure what to say in response to your question other than…. ‘Yes’.

    Vivienne – Radio Today

8 Jun 2021 - 7:58 pm

Congrats to a great team under the exceptional leadership of mr David Wiltshire

8 Jun 2021 - 9:15 pm

B105 can’t be strongly received in at least 50% of that survey area, I’d hazard a guess that they’re probably kicking River 94.9’s backside in the metro Ipswich area.

Who is on breakfast up there now? Is it Wayne Roberts or Barry Drinkwater?

9 Jun 2021 - 6:28 am

“Reg” and “Such is life” clearly need a Geography and History lesson, it’s quite Obvious they know nothing about the market. The comparison to the central coast is ridiculous

9 Jun 2021 - 1:20 pm

@Adrian but about 90% of people in the licence area are in Ipswich itself. Very few people by comparison in the rest of the licence area. So unless they surveyed a couple of small towns up in the valley rather than Ipswich metro then these figures would largely represent Ipswich. As others have pointed out Ipswich is basically a suburb of Brisbane and the Brisbane stations have reception equally as good as the local station River. I have no doubt River is No. 1 but the margin seems a little hard to believe to me given the choice of all Brisbane stations as well.

Aus Media
16 Jun 2021 - 8:57 am

Campo has reached No 1 at pretty much every station in every Market he has ever worked in and he left 973 while no 1 in Brisbane on a 16 share to join his former co-host Marnie T in the regional market of Ipswich , which by the way is only 31 k’s from Brisbane. So it’s not surprising the Ipswich Breakfast show is reaching those numbers. If you actually have a listen to Marnie T and Campo’s show you will get it ! You have a Metro Breakfast show in a Regional Market. Nova heads may remember in the year 2000 after he left Brisbane for a short period Campo helped turn around River in Albury from an 11 point deficit in 6 months to beat the DMG Hub station Star.

7 Sep 2022 - 6:45 am

Where’s Woody going and why?

Very sad the successful combo is coming to an end…

    12 Sep 2022 - 10:37 am

    This comment has been edited.


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