If You Heard This Tease, You’d HAVE To Stay Tuned For The Payoff

Every radio station can double their ratings simply by attracting one more tune in occasion per day, and adding one more day per week for each P1 that already likes your show.

That’s explained in detail here and we offer a webinar on it here.

The easiest way to gain that occasion is to lure those already tuned in at any given time to stay for just a few more minutes, or return to your show a few minutes later. Success doesn’t happen by chance, but by seducing listeners with creative hooks that keep them through that next song, stop set or newscast.

Here’s an example of an effective tease that does just that, courtesy of Peter, Moya and JC Douglas, the morning show on C100, Bell Media’s market leading Hot AC station in Halifax:

Several things stand out:

  • JC uses a slight pause in the music flow perfectly. The separation of the songs frames his content and makes it stand out, without losing forward momentum. That’s subtle, but a great example of using production elements as a tool.
  • He leads with the tease. Studies have proven that attention is highest toward the end of a hit song. That’s the ideal time to hook listeners on what’s next.
  • The phrasing of the tease piques curiosity. There’s nothing as compelling as eavesdropping on a relationship fight. It’s relatable.

I know what you’re thinking: The tease isn’t perfect.

Okay, they could have promoted the station going into the next song, and it would have been more effective to direct listening to exactly when the payoff was coming.

But still, a highly effective tease. In fact, it’s one that has the potential to cause listeners to be late for work to hear how it plays out.

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