“Hughesy’ and The Hot Shots” slam Pat Rafter

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Australian tennis superstar Pat Rafter showed what a good sport he was when he took on KIIS FM’s Hughesy and three ANZ Tennis Hot Shots. It was billed as  a blockbuster of  “Hughesy & The Hotshots” versus Rafter. See the vid.

Hughesy was joined on the court by 12-year-old Henry Gray and sisters 11-year-old Felicia and 8-year-old Mia Tonga. Rafter was eventually joined by Coach Kate who had been guiding the teams from the sidelines.

“You’ve got good looking legs Rafter… but I think they’re a little tired!”

Rafter said “These kids, I’ve seen them play, they are good.

“I’ve seen lots of kids around Australia, these Hot Shots kids, they are very, very talented. This is our next lot of kids we are trying to get through,” he added.

Hughesy & The Hotshots were victorious winning the Fast 4 match 4-3, and Pat Rafter showed his sportsmanship at the trophy ceremony, awarding the three ANZ Tennis Hot Shots with their sparkling new trophies and prize packs. 


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