How to land your first radio gig with Paris Humphrey

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Hit 100.7’s Paris Humphrey has a real knack for online content creation, and she’s recently released a video ‘how to’ for anyone looking to land a job in radio.

The video starts with the Hit Darling Downs Breakfast host telling a bit about her own story before she moves on to provide tips for others.

Paris shouts out the influence and impact of starting out on community radio, as well as radio schools including AFTRS.

“I decided to make the video because ever since I started making online content and putting it out there that I’m a radio announcer I get messages and inboxes that say ‘I really want to get into radio but I just don’t know how?!’,” Paris told Radio Today.

“Over time it made me realise just how much basic industry knowledge we can take for granted!

“I started to reflect on what I did when I first started out and wished there was a video at the time laying down the foundations of getting your first gig. Sometimes it’ just easier to give people the info straight out and it’s up to them to do what they will with it.

In the clip she also gives shoutouts to SCA’s Hubble and radio podcasts including Craig Bruce‘s Game Changers: Radio and Gawndy’s Radio Randomly.

“We should all remember a time where we didn’t know what ‘hook’ ‘aircheck’ or even ‘AFTRS’ meant, so why not put it all into one vid,” said Paris.

“I’d been thinking about doing it for a while and even if it makes one person’s start slightly easier, I’m STOKED!”

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