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Valerie Geller has presented this afternoon at the National Radio Conference, and spoken about how to ‘never lose a listener’, how to ‘enhance your talent’, ‘upgrade your craft’ and move to the next level as a ‘broadcaster, communicator and entertainer’.

Valerie spoke of what she calls the ‘three rules’.

  • Tell The Truth.
  • Make it Matter.
  • Never Be BORING!

She has noted that, ultimately, that is all that matters.

Here is a quick summary of the key areas that Valerie covered off in her presentation:

“You don’t work in radio, the job life… the job is to hold up the mirror and reflect life”.

“Radio is artwork and human life is not always logical”

“When it comes to Content length – there is no ideal length. “It’s not how long it is.. it’s how boring it is.”

“What works is being authentic and real” Valerie said that if you wouldn’t say it off air, why would you say it on the air?

“What are you bringing that is unique to you”

“The so What test” – how is the content relevant.”

“We” works but YOU works better. – “You will hear Elton John. Not “Next We hear Elton John. The more you use YOU, the more powerful it is.”

And when story telling, start with the ‘what’ before the ‘who’.


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