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Every network, whether they admit it or not, compare themselves to their peers with respect to the number of ACRA's they win.

Whilst it is fine to acknowledge the raw numbers, it isn't like for like.

Southern Cross Austereo recorded 37 ACRA's last night, however they also have more stations in the network than any other group.

So we have worked out both the raw number of ACRA's each network was awarded, and then what we have called a 'normalised comparison' list, which compares networks performances with each other only in markets, and categories, in which they compete. 

Hope that makes sense! If it doesn't, blame the red wine from last night.

Firstly to the raw numbers of awards by company;

  Network ACRA's


Southern Cross Austereo 39
  Ace Broadcasters 11
  DMG Radio 10
  Fairfax Radio 6
  ARN 5
  Grant Broadcasters 3
  Macquarie 3
  Capital Radio 3
  Super Network 3
  Hot Tomato 1
  WIN Radio 1
  Bathurst Broadcasters 1
  Alice Springs Broadcasters 1
  MCM Media 1

So on the raw numbers, a big one for SCA particularly. However, how have they done when you 'normalise' the awards and compare like for like markets?

SCA compete with DMG in 6 markets; the metros and the Central Coast, and in the digital format category. So how did they go head to head;

  Network ACRA's
  Southern Cross Austereo 18
  DMG 10

ARN, SCA and DMG compete in digital and in 4 markets – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. In those markets;

  Network ACRA's
  Southern Cross Austereo 17
  DMG 8
  ARN 4

Fairfax and Macquarie only compete in the one market, Sydney. Including only the Sydney awards for DMG, ARN and SCA, how did the 5 groups perform in that market. This includes digital and the specialty awards (Brian White/Engineering) where all are on a level playing field;

  Network ACRA's
  Southern Cross Austereo 11
  Fairfax 4
  Macquarie 3
  ARN 3
  DMG 3

On the Gold Coast there is a fierce rivalry between the SCA stations and Hot Tomato, so how did they compare – worth remembering it is 2 stations (SCA) versus Hot Tomato's 1;

  Network ACRA's
  Southern Cross Austereo 4
  Hot Tomato 1


All of the major groups have had some good wins.

However from a metropolitan perspective, on a 'normalised comparison' it was a massive night for Southern Cross Austereo who took home the lions share.

A couple of special mentions;

  • The Ace Network won 11 awards which is a spectacular achievement and one no doubt that they celebrated well into the evening for last night. Pictured is Ace's Jon Vertigan who took home two awards personally.
  • In what has been a tough year, an excellent performance from 2UE in Sydney, collecting three awards, as did their rival 2GB. Both stations did well.
  • A great performance by Nova Brisbane collecting three awards of the dmg overall tally of 10. Excellent effort by Sean Ryan and his team. CORRECTION – Sarah has pointed out that the station actually got four awards. Even more impressive. Nova Brisbane obviously had a hot night…like a sunrise.

Congratulations to all the winners, if you have a 'special mention' you want to make, feel free to comment below and spotlight an individual, a station, or a network you think did particularly well.


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