Hot Tomato’s Christo launches Dads With Depression

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Hot Tomato Breakfast host David ‘Christo’ Christopher has launched a website for dads to connect and chat about depression.

Dads With Depression is a new website that Christo has created to help normalise chat about mental health between men and dads.

Christo, a father of three, started the site as a result of his own struggles with mental health.

“I can only speak from my own experience with depression, but there’s a tremendous feeling of inadequacy that I’m not a good parent, not a good husband, that I’m not a good work colleague and it’s all the depression talking,” he told News Corp.

“There wasn’t any avenue that I knew of that I could go to, to discuss this with other dads.

“Women tend to have their social networks, where they can talk things through. I know this from my wife who has a great network of friends, where if she has a problem she will go to them and talk through their problem.”

“Whereas guys, when they tend to get together they won’t sit there and talk about how they’re feeling depressed, so this will give them an avenue to talk about that. To get it out if they need to, so they are not alone in this.”

Christo went on to reveal that the idea for the site came up after he mentioned on radio that he had been struggling with his own issues.

“It has become a thing on the air where I talk about it,” he said.

“I don’t want to be secretive about it and the more I talked about it, the messages I started getting from ladies turned into, ‘hey, my husband has started talking about it, because you’ve been talking about it’.”

Check out Dads With Depression here.

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