Hot Tomato on top: GfK Gold Coast Survey 2


Hot Tomato still leads the way in Gold Coast GfK Survey 2.

The station saw a slight drop overall, but Galey & Emily Jade retained the No. 1 spot in Breakfast (down 0.1 to 16.6), with Triple M next (up 0.4 to 13.4) and Sea FM holding down third spot in the Breakfast slot, down 0.8 to 10.4

Hot Tomato saw a small increase in Monday to Friday listening – especially across the Workday from 9 till 4pm – and its increase in the 25-39 age demo was significant.

Hot Tomato Content Director Brendon ‘Whippy’ Dangar says “20 years as the Gold Coast’s only locally made radio station and 10 consecutive surveys at number 1 highlights the passion our team has to consistently deliver what our audience and clients love.”

ARN’s Chief Commercial Officer, Peter Whitehead, added: “This is a significant survey result not only for the fact that it’s Hot Tomato’s tenth consecutive survey win, but also for the substantial share gains in the all-important 25-54 demographic. Hot Tomato continues to be the dominant force across the Gold and Tweed Coasts, achieving exceptional results that allow us to deliver effective commercial solutions for our clients.”

SCA Chief Content Officer Dave Cameron says “Fantastic result today on the Gold Coast with Triple M and SeaFM dominating in their target demos. Triple M is #1 for P40+ and is now the Gold Coast’s new #1 station for people to listen to while they work. SeaFM is #1 PU40 and #1 Breakfast with WU40. With increases across both stations it’s a blue sky day on the Goldie – an enormous thanks to our listeners, our teams and our advertisers who all contributed to such an outstanding result.”

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10 Aug 2023 - 2:43 pm

A big chunk of “other” listeners tuned to Rebel, Breeze, 94.1 and Metro I would think. The fringe and community stations are much better than the 3 local commercials. Hot Tomato in particular isn’t what it once was. Anecdotally I have lots of friends visiting the GC from down south and they are blown away by Breeze & Rebel.

10 Aug 2023 - 9:22 pm

As someone who is privy to how Rebel, Breeze, 94.1 and Metro actually do here on the Gold Coast, I can confirm their impact is very minimal.

So low they are a fart in the wind.

Metro used to perform quite well, but it has been on a downward slope for many years now.

Bree Zee
11 Aug 2023 - 6:16 am

Wow. 32% of one of the countries biggest markets just don’t listen to the 3 commercial stations. Rather, I think you’ll find that narrowcast station The Breeze is puffing about its weight and is the preferred choice on the Gold Coast. Totally local with a solid drive show that still even takes old school requests, clearly giving its listeners what they really want.

Wow what a revelation!
11 Aug 2023 - 6:46 pm

Spoken like someone who works at those stations, MJ! How about you just keep doing your thing instead of bagging others?


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