Nova launches Home Hacks podcast

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Nova launched a new podcast over the weekend which aims to help listeners create spaces in which they feel relaxed.

Home Hacks will be hosted by the founders of Mums Who, Karlie Suttie and Rachael Hallett, who will offer their shortcuts, tips and tricks on everything from organising makeup storage to packing away your Christmas decorations without having thousands of tangled fairy lights.

The first 13-minute episode tackles ‘The Fridge’.

The duo started Mums Who in 2017, which has since grown into an online community of over 600,000 people. They’ve also created their own product line and published a book, Mums Who Clean. 

Suttie said she loves to organise and is super passionate about sharing tips and tricks which could make others’ lives easier.

“I’ve developed systems that save time, money and make the space look nice. I can’t be bothered doing everyday tasks like cooking, laundry and grocery shopping, so I’ve created ways to make this an easy task, so I can spend time doing fun things with my kids,” she said.

Hallett, meanwhile, is a self-confessed “natural slob”.

“I love making time for things that matter, so organising is all about increasing efficiency,” she said. “Having great systems and everything in its place means there is no brain power required. It makes mundane tasks like putting away groceries, toys or a general tidy more efficient and frees up precious minutes for family time.”

Elle Beattie, NOVA Entertainment’s managing producer, said she knows first-hand the difference Suttie and Hallett’s hacks can make.

“I’ve been a member of the ‘Mums Who’ Facebook groups for years and have seen first-hand the appeal that exists for this style of content, especially now that we are spending more time than ever at home,” she said.

“Karlie and Rachael are a goldmine for content, and already have an active engaged audience. I am really excited we can extend their brand into podcast form and, hopefully, finally have a Tupperware drawer that closes.”

New episodes of Home Hacks will be released each Saturday.

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