Holleran: “2Day Brekky team will return”

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With speculation rife that the 2Day FM Breakfast Show "Jules, Merrick & Sophie" will be axed, Southern Cross Austereo have again publicly backed the show.

It appears increasingly likely that "Hamish & Andy" will return to host national drive (M-F) on the network in 2015.

If, as expected, that occurs, this would displace the existing drive team "Dan & Maz" and the rumour mill is in overdrive that they will move to 2Day FM Breakfast for 2015.

However, Rhys Holleran has supported "Jules, Merrick & Sophie", telling Fairfax Media that the team was:

“loved, needed, wanted and a real talent” and that they would return in 2015. 

This follows Craig Bruce's comments to Radio Today a fortnight ago saying that "Jules, Merrick & Sophie will absolutely be on breakfast at 2Day in 2015".

So whatever the rumours may be, Southern Cross Austereo are publicly committing to the current 2Day Breakfast lineup which, if they maintain that position, could mean "Dan & Maz" will need to have a timeslot found for them presuming the "Hamish & Andy" move to drive eventuates.

As has been well documented, the Breakfast challenges at 2Day began when "Kyle & Jackie" left to anchor the new KIIS station in Sydney. Holleran has defended their decision not to release any announcement to the ASX prior to the news coming out, speaking again to Fairfax Media he commented:

“If you could have said, one, they’re going to leave; two, they’re going to go to the opposition; three, they’re going to take their audience; four, our show probably wasn’t going to hit the number we had, if I could have worked that out in October last year, the answer is maybe.

“But the reality is that the ASX obligation on continuous disclosure is around known facts, and none of that was known; it’s pure speculation.

“Did it turn out to be the case? Probably, I mean, I acknowledge that, you’d be braindead not to.”

Whatever changes, if any, are to occur, you would expect that they would start to be revealed over the next few weeks to prepare for 2015.


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