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On EFTM.com.au (Everything for the Man), Trevor Long has chatted to Holden Chairman & Managing Director, Mike Devereux, about the digital radio in-car debate.

Mr Devereux said…

"I think it’s a bit of wine before its time….but I do think it will be a very short period of time before the capability to broadcast in digital is ubiquitous around the country.”

He says, “it’s on the radar (but)….the early adoption of digital radio in this market, for example in Melbourne, is a bit clunky right now, there are certain places where it won’t work, and you’ll see a cut over as you’re driving where you lose the signal”.

“This is a big country and people do go from big CBD’s out to places like Ballarat in Melbourne or down in Sydney to the ‘Gong’. You do need coverage – it can be a disconnected consumer experience right now to drive around the country with digital radio.”

But he says… "It’ll be here….we’ll put it on the vehicles when we know the infrastructure is there.”

You can hear the Your Tech Life podcast featuring Trevor's chat below…

or hear it here

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Trevor Long produces two technology podcasts, Your Tech Life and Two Blokes Talking Tech. He also has a weekly radio show on 2UE.

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