Hit92.9’s Heidi, Xavier & Ryan reunited a father with the women who saved his daughter

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Perth Breakfast hosts Heidi, Xavier and Ryan executed a feel-good local radio moment recently, reuniting a father with the three women who looked after his daughter when nobody else would.

Darren called in to Hit92.9‘s Breakfast show yesterday morning, and told the story of how his daughter Zoe was lost, drunk and alone on Saturday night in Leederville.

She was happened upon by three women – Chloe, Emily and Jess – who called her parents and put Zoe in a cab to send her home.

Darren only knew the name ‘Jess’, but one of the girls, Chloe, happened to be listening into the show and called in to the station, allowing Darren to finally thank her daughter’s saviour.

“I am so so thankful, I’m enjoying a beautiful blue sky this morning with birds singing, when I could be mourning a very terrible situation, so words aren’t enough.” said Darren.

Heidi, Xavier and Ryan present Breakfast on hit92.9 from 6am – 9am weekdays.

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