Hit100.7’s Hamish & Gabi found out if Adelaide cares about hosting State Of Origin

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Following the revelation that State Of Origin would be expanding in 2020 to include a game in Adelaide, Hit100.7’s Hamish and Gabi decided to find out whether anyone in Adelaide actually cared.

The Toowoomba Breakfast team started the segment by declaring their confusion at the decision to even move the game away from Queensland and NSW in the first place.

“We don’t understand where this decision has come from,” mused Gabi. “They’ve taken it to Melbourne a few times, and Melbourne don’t care.”

“I understand the fact that it goes to Melbourne,” responded Hamish. “Because they have an NRL team in Melbourne, they have a fan base there.

“In Adelaide there is nothing, they are not interested in Rugby League at all.”

Hamish and Gabi then called a random gym, a random cafe and a McDonald’s in Adelaide, asking them how excited they were to get the State of Origin in 2020.

They woman at the gym who called responded that she probably wouldn’t be the best person to ask, as she’s not interested in Rugby League.

The cafe worker was more forthcoming. “I don’t really care about the State of Origin,” she said.

The McDonald’s worker admitted he didn’t like Rugby League either.

Gabi concluded that State of Origin should hire her to call the people of Adelaide and get them psyched up for the game.

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