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3AW have fired Melbourne's number one Drive Announcer, Derryn Hinch.

The news broke on 3AW's Twitter feed, with confirmation via Twitter moments later from Hinch. Both are shown below.

Subsequently, 3AW released a formal statement, and Hinch has written his summary of events on his website, including naming the announcer he believes will replace him.

All the statements are shown below.

Hinch's contract runs until December 1st this year, and the broadcaster was reported to have left the meeting in shock.

Here is the timeline of what occured. The news first became public at 6.35pm when 3AW tweeted the sacking of Hinch;



Around 6.40pm Hinch sent the following tweets;





This was followed at 6.45pm by the following formal statement from 3AW.


3AW has decided not to renew the contract of drive-time presenter Derryn Hinch.

Derryn's one-year contract was set to expire at the end of this year.

The drive host was told of the decision not to renew his contract at a meeting with station management when he came off air tonight.

While Derryn will not reappear behind the drive microphone after December, 3AW hopes to explore other opportunities with the respected broadcaster to enable him to remain in the Fairfax Radio fold.

The station expects to make an announcement on Derryn's replacement in the next few days.

3AW general manager Shane Healy paid tribute to Derryn's "fantastic" contribution to the station over the past 10 years.

"Derryn has been part of the fabric of Melbourne's No.1 radio station for many years and we are immensely proud and grateful for his efforts over this time," Mr Healy said.

"However, like all branches of the media it is impossible to stand still in a world of ever-accelerating change, " he said.

"Radio has withstood the immense challenges of the digital revolution much better than any other traditional media but we, like print and television, cannot afford to stand still.

"3AW, Melbourne's most successful radio station of the modern era, must position itself to take advantage of the exciting possibilities opening up in the digital world and changing audience expectations."

Mr Healy said he hoped Derryn would consider the options that could be available to enable him to still play a role in broadcasting at Fairfax Radio.

It is unclear whether Derryn will return to the microphone this week. The drive presenter was due to take two weeks' holiday from next week.

Derryn has had two stints at 3AW. He established his broadcasting reputation on the station in the 1980s before he leaving for television current affairs.

In the past 10 years 3AW has stood behind the broadcaster through a series of controversies. Only last Friday 3AW gave the broadcaster the day off to fight in court a charge of failure to vote.

"Life will not be the same without Derryn around but we believe listeners will react more than favorably to the changes we have in mind," Mr Healy said.



And a couple of hours later, Hinch released the following statement on his website (humanheadline.com.au) naming Tom Elliot (pictured left) from Channel 10's 'The Project' as his replacement.




And this time it applies to me.  I was called in to the general manager’s office  after my 3AW program finished tonight and was told my services were no longer required.

I asked why and was told by the GM  Shane Healy that they planned to  ‘ take the station in a different direction’. Seeing my program is  No. I on Melbourne I’m tempted to think that direction is down.

I am in shock.  Didn’t see it coming. But had heard five weeks ago that my occasional fill-in Tom Elliott had told people at Channel Ten that this was my last year and he was replacing me. Fairly prescient.  I wish him luck.

The decision to not renew my contract  had nothing to do with last week’s on-air dispute with management over Steve Vizard. This move was decided back in June.

I will be on air as usual tomorrow. Then on leave  for a couple of weeks  while I decide on future plans. I will fulfil my contractual obligations and finish the year in as professional a manner as I can muster.

At least they trust me enough to do that. Tonight’s irony was not lost on me. I’d just come off air after doing one of the best interviews in years. An exclusive with Buzz Aldrin.  Ah well, that’s life.

More tomorrow. Follow the [non] bouncing ball.

Hinch's program tomorrow afternoon will no doubt be fascinating.

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