“Friendship, fun and more of this chemistry”: Heidi, Xavier & Ryan reflect back on first 100 shows

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Hit92.9 Perth’s new Breakfast trio Heidi, Xavier and Ryan just clocked over their 100th show on air together.

With Ryan and Xavier having replaced Will and Woody for 2018, the trio had some big shoes to fill but have grown into the slot as they’ve gotten to know each other better.

Xavier and Heidi had worked together previously on Weekends, and consummate professional Ryan Jon coming on board to make three.

Radio Today caught up with Heidi, Xavier and Ryan.

There’s clearly a great rapport between the three of you. Was that there from the first episode?

Heidi: Yes! Xavier & myself had chemistry from day dot because we did Saturdays together. We genuinely laugh out loud at each so when Ryan did a demo with us, it could’ve been super tough for him but he just slipped right in like he’d been there the whole time & a threesome was born.

Ryan: Heidi’s one of Australia’s great broadcasters and Xavier’s won a premiership for Hawthorn FC. What’s not to love?

Xavier: Rapport is built over time so obviously there was a period of time where we were feeling each other out. I think the three of us are completely different in radio, careers and lifestyles outside of work which allows us to work well on air.

How would you describe each other in terms of the show?

Heidi: Xavier is a hoot, he is an old man trapped in a young man’s body! You never know what will come out of his mouth … he is either bringing the gags or having an “old man” Xavier Ellis rant! Ryan is the cheeky captain! He loves to push buttons on the panel & in real life! I love that he pushes the boundaries & being a Hawks supporter, he is Xavier Ellis’ number one fan! I love their bromance.

Ryan: Reality Show Star + AFL Footballer + Radio Guy On The Panel. How could it not work?

Xavier: Ryan is the driver of the show and has a quirky sense of humour often described as edgy, whilst Ando obviously is right in our demo and appeals to the large audience of females we have that Ryan and I wouldn’t know how to serve. Whilst I am the BOSS!

What’s been your best moment on the show this year so far?

Heidi: Believe it or not, we’ve had a few! The three of us being in London & sitting in the basement doing our radio show at 1.30am in the morning & genuinely laughing our heads off at each other. Xavier & Ryan revealing Xav was having a baby & Ryan telling us he had found his birth father were also great moments.

Ryan: A guy called in asking for money. He told his girlfriend it was fine to leave the dog at home alone with the guinea pig. His dog then ate his girlfriend’s Guinea pig and he needed the money to pay for a tattoo to commemorate. RIP Alvin!

Xavier: Heading to London was a big team effort but I would say I was lucky to have a monster 30th birthday with work.

What can we expect from the show for the rest of 2018?

Heidi: Lols, friendship, fun and more of this chemistry. Also, wedding chat & footy chat. Speaking of, did you know I’m getting married this year? Haha.

Xavier: Fun. And if West Coast wins the Grand Final, a stack of beers.

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