Walkley winner Hedley Thomas launches ‘The Night Driver’ podcast

Former Assistant Editor
Hedley Thomas

The journalist behind award-wining podcast The Teacher’s Pet has a new project on the way.

Journalist at The Australian, Hedley Thomas will launch a new podcast called The Night Driver, a story following the murder of a young woman from Bathurst and how the town turned on a former top detective and deputy mayor as the suspect.

Janine Vaughan disappeared almost 20 years ago, and her younger sister has spent that time tracking down suspects, leads, and more.

“Hedley Thomas is a master storyteller. He is a pioneer of podcasting in Australia, using his exceptional skills as an investigative journalist with 30 years’ experience in print to bring to life gripping tales for a new audience,” said The Australian editor-in-chief Christopher Dore.

“I defy anyone to tune in for episode one and not be immediately obsessed with The Night Driver. Hedley’s podcasts have already been downloaded 50 million times around the world.

“Get ready to be mesmerised by this shocking story, which will also unfold in the pages of The Australian, and on our app and website.”

The Teacher’s Pet swept the 2018 Walkley Awards, and following its production, the subject of the podcast Chris Dawson was arrested.

“The disappearance of Janine Vaughan has been a baffling mystery after investigations spanning almost 20 years by dozens of detectives, an anti-corruption inquiry and a coroner. The grief of Janine’s family is made worse because they do not have a body and they cannot lay her to rest,” said Thomas of his new project.

“They have seen serious suspects come and go without charge. They have placed their faith in The Night Driver to sort the facts from town gossip and renew public interest to try to shed new light on what happened to Janine.”

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