Hear the stories of rural Victoria with Kevin Costner’s Autio 

Ever wondered about the history of a town or place while travelling? 

Well, there is an audio app to tell you exactly that, which is being focused in rural Victoria with more Australian towns and landmarks on the way. 

Audio entertainment app, Autio announced its Australian launch in partnership with the Victoria Tourism Industry Council, with an initial focus on Victoria in the region between Bendigo, Echuca, and Castlemaine.

Co-founded by actor Kevin Costner, Autio is a mobile audio entertainment app for travel that uses geolocation technology to automatically play stories of landmarks, cities & towns nearby. 

The app features over 10,000 stories in the United States and now hundreds in Australia. 

“I joined Autio with the ambition to capture stories across America, and am excited to bring the Autio App to Australia, said Costner.

“From the first peoples and colonists to the great inventors and pioneers of today – new stories are added every week.”

Headquartered in California, Autio’s mission is to deliver a compelling story at the right time, wherever the listener may be. 

The app won the Webby for Best Travel App and has been featured as App of the Day by Apple.

Daryl Missen, Production Director of Autio Australia said Autio has “a team of writers, narrators, and audio professionals excited to be producing regional stories from Australia’s past.” 

“Now Australian travellers have an app to listen and learn in audio form as they drive.”

With over 200 stories and growing that are free to listen to, from Echuca, Castlemaine, Bendigo, Heathcote, Daylesford, Kyabram and more, Autio provides an entertaining, informative, and important record of these incredible Australian places.

Hear samples of the audio and read more about Autio here.

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Duncan Perkins
9 Jan 2023 - 3:15 pm

Content should be provided like YouTube, therefore by anyone and then the best presentations pick up the most hits and the worst – drop off. Groups like Rotary Clubs and Social Groups or Schools etc.. could put together the information and then the best of the best floats to the top. My name for this model is so old, I called it Map Tape! This is where you would stick the Cassette Tape in the car and it would play as you drive telling you about the trip you are on.

Michael Quinn
11 Jan 2023 - 7:26 am

Sounds just like “Field Trip” I think it was called from about 10 years ago except it did it all automatically.


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