DM Podcasts launches The Have A Go Podcast to skewer ‘The Lucky Country’

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The idea that Australia is a blessed, carefree nation will be taken on by a new comedy podcast, The Have A Go Podcast.

The podcast hopes to help Australians escape their socially engineered echo chambers and just laugh again, even if we are inherently doomed as a nation, promotional material for the new title said.

Episode’s will be titled ‘How Good’s….’ with the week’s subject embedded alongside it – from ‘China’, to ‘a larrikin’ and ‘the economy’ to ‘our ABC’.

The podcast is being released via Diamantina Media’s DM Podcasts, and will be hosted by former co-host of The Grade Cricketer Podcast, Dave Edwards, and writer Dane Eldridge.

“Australia is often referred to as ‘The Lucky Country’, but after the challenging nature of 2020, we have never been so divided as a nation. It is therefore up to us – the self-appointed voices of a generation – to wrestle with the key issues facing Australians today,” publicity for the podcast said.

Edwards added that there’s a lot to be concerned about these days.

“What are we going to do about China? Is the ‘Great Australian Dream’ dead? Has cancel culture killed the ‘larrikin’? Will our treasured ABC survive these endless ‘culture wars’?

“These are the types of questions that keep us up at night, but we’re fairly confident of solving each burning issue within the space of a tightly produced 30-minute weekly comedy podcast.”

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