Hamish & Andy creative producer Chris Marsh on ‘Prodcast’

Audio producer Chris Marsh has a resume the envy of anyone in the radio industry and has worked with some ‘heavy hitters’.

He’s worked on The Matt and Jo Show, Fifi and Jules, Hamish and Andy, and currently works as the creative producer on Kennedy Molloy and the Hamish and Andy Podcast.

Marsh is this week’s guest on the Dom Evans’ podcast series; Prodcast. Among other things, he discusses his ‘take’ on being an audio producer or as he explains it; a creative producer.

“I’m not here to be a service to the show. I’m absolutely here to be an equal member of the team, and my ideas are as valid as the talents.

“And that sort of mindset has helped develop great shows on the air. Because then your sense of ownership over the show and your sense of contributing to it. You’re absolutely invested in the success of the show”.

According to Evans, Chris was generous with his time and advice in making this episode.

“Marshy has a tremendous amount of experience and is so giving in sharing that knowledge on this episode. He has worked on some of the biggest shows of our time and it’s an absolute pleasure to hear how he operates.”

“He’s an absolute weapon in terms of capturing content and making content pop on the air whether it be in packages, sketches or promos. The value that he adds to the shows he works on is immeasurable.”

Prodcast is available on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app by searching “Prodcast”, or you can listen below:

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26 Nov 2018 - 2:49 pm

Marshy is the ultimate show audio producer – he is the benchmark! God bless you Marshwah.


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