Hamish & Andy move their morning show

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With the end of Mamamia Today (see here), Hamish & Andy are to fill the 3pm – 4pm slot.

Gone is the Hamish & Andy Business Brunch (heard straight after Today breakfast shows) and their 5 day a week show, 'Happy Hour', will be their new focus from July 8, the start of Survey 5.

Fifi & Jules will now be heard Monday to Friday from 4pm – 6pm.

Hamish & Andy said:

“We've been doing this format in the mornings for five whole months now, it's amazing to get a promotion. One hour a day is certainly an enormous workload, but with a good sleep in ‘till midday each day, we feel we can do it.”

“It's a daily show which we've had so much fun doing, but one that still gives us enough time to do our TV stuff, so it's the best of both worlds. Like when you put fries in a sundae.”

Fifi also returns on July 8 and said:

“Now that I'm a mum I'm used to dealing with an infant so an extra day working with Jules will make no difference really."

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