Hadley: ‘Fairfax programmers amateurs’

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Following John Singletons' attack on Fairfax during the Alan Jones show this week (see here), Ray Hadley has added his voice on the merger talks collapsing, and the reasons given for it.

Returning to 2GB today after nearly a week off to deal with personal issues, Hadley denied that he had been consulted on the deal, or that it fell through due, in part, to his reluctance to a merger proceeding.

Hadley said:

“No one from this radio network, or Fairfax for that matter, has ever spoken to me about this matter. 

"Based on what I’ve witnessed over the last few years, I wouldn’t let any of the Fairfax radio executives anywhere near Australia’s most successful radio station in 2GB, not that I’d have a say about it.”

Hadley was scathing of the programming of Fairfax Radio referring to it as “at best the work of amateurs; at worst the work of nincompoops”.

He went on to say that 2UE, 4BC and 6PR are 'basket cases', however they have “some very talented presenters who are overwhelmed by programmers who simply wouldn’t know their arse from their elbow”.

Hear the break from his show this morning :-
or hear it here

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