Hadley agrees to out-of-court settlement with Chris Bowen

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Ray Hadley and 2GB have settled out-of-court with former producer Chris Bowen for an undisclosed amount.

SMH reports a settlement was made just a few short weeks after the case was last heard in court, when Bowen alleged Hadley called his former girlfriend a “curry muncher”.

Bowen first went public with accusations against Hadley over a year ago, when he wrote an explosive Facebook post in which he alleged “16 years of intense bullying”.

“I was subjected to vile and inexcusable behaviour,” Bowen wrote . “I know many of you have witnessed what I’m talking about.”

Bowen explained he had attempted to air his complaints with management in 2008, but at the time “complaining was about as effective as setting yourself on fire”.

He left 2GB in 2017.

Earlier in 2020 he hired John Laxon, who previously won a 2014 settlement for another ex-2GB Richard Palmer over separate bullying allegations against Hadley.

When Bowen’s case then went to court in April 2020, Barrister Shaun McCarthy told the court that the 2GB host had levelled “vile, homophobic slurs” against Bowen at least 94 times during his career at the station.

“On 20 occasions, Mr Hadley called my client a bald, fat c***,” McCarthy said.

At the time, Hadley’s defence team retorted that there was “no factual underpinning” to Bowen’s claims.

SMH understands that Hadley and 2GB settled the case almost two weeks ago.

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