Hadley accused of not handing over ‘damaging emails’

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2GB's Ray Hadley is currently being sued over allegedly bullying the stations digital content manager, Richard Palmer.

Hadley is also facing allegations of false imprisonment as a work colleague 'guarded' the door to Hadley's office whilst he allegedly verbally abused Palmer.

It is believed that on February 7 Hadley requested Palmer come to his office to explain why a podcast had not yet been uploaded. Prior to the exchange, Palmer activated the record function on his iPhone, and secretly recorded the conversation as he was concerned about the effect on his employment.

The recording allegedly shows extraordinary abuse of a graphic, personal and aggressive nature from Hadley to Palmer.

After hearing the recording, Macquarie's Managing Director Rob Loewenthal was apparently horrified and subsequently suspended Hadley. This suspension was then over-ruled by Macquarie's majority shareholder John Singleton, who reinstated Hadley to his morning show the following day.

Hadley subsequently fronted a staff meeting and in an emotional address apologised for his behaviour, promising to change his approach.

Richard Palmer has not attended the 2GB offices since February 14 this year.

Yesterday, Hadley was accused of failing to comply with a court order by not handing over "damaging emails" relating to the incident.

The court was told that 4 emails were handed in, 3 of which were from "sycophantic listeners of his program".

Palmer's lawyer, Shaun McCarthy, told the court that there had been many more emails when Macquarie Radio had been subpoenaed to produce all emails relating to the incident.

These emails were sent on the "same day" as the other four Hadley had produced, but are "very damaging to him and his case", McCarthy said.

He said Hadley should be ordered to appear before the court to explain why he had not handed over these other emails.

Counsel for Hadley said it was possible it was an innocent mistake or error on Hadley's behalf.

The court also heard that Palmer's health had deteriorated and he had two "very severe" medical conditions as a result of the alleged incident.

The matter is likely to be heard in April but McCarthy said there may be an application to expedite the process because of Palmer's health issues.

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