Great ‘Story Arc’ from Sea FM

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Often some of the most powerful content on radio stations occurs when a station, or show, develops a compelling 'story-arc' across multiple shows, or days, or even weeks.

When done well, it evolves, develops, and engages and involves listeners on the 'journey'.

Over the next couple of weeks on Radio Today, Dan Bradley will write in more detail on the importance of story arcs.

However, there is a great example of an ongoing and evolving story arc from the 'Jay & Dave' Breakfast show (right) on Sea FM Mackay that we felt was worth highlighting. 

The content began from a 'phone topic' on the 'Jay & Dave' Breakfast show, and has turned into an evolving story arc to find the original owner of a mans ring with 'love anthea' inscribed, and dated 'January 11, 1974'.

The ring was found by a listener at Lamberts Beach, and as yet 'Jay & Dave' have not located the owner.

What the Sea FM Breakfast show have done is take what was a pretty standard phone topic, and give it a 'life' beyond just one or two breaks on one morning. The caller who found the ring was probably a nice enough piece on the air, but it could have ended there, but 'Jay & Dave' very cleverly saw the opportunity to develop it into a 'story-arc' piece. 

As a result, they have listeners in Mackay talking about the ring, and their show, and they have gained valuable publicity in the local Mackay newspaper at the same time. Ultimately, whether the find the owner is irrelevant. It's a great piece of content 'story-arced' very well by the Sea FM Breakfast show.


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