Goodbye MR T – and thank you.

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No doubt, I’m just one of many who is mourning the loss of such a great guy, not just professionally, but personally. I’ve been so lucky. I’ve been able to work with so many Great mentors in my career as a broadcaster.

One of them: ROD TILEY “The voice”. In the 80’s, I used to listen to him when I was going to school, but I first met Rod when he was News Director at FM104 in Brisbane. I was a cub reporter at 4KQ. I still remember the function, but only just – as Mr T and another News Director (Hi Steve) got together to set me up (in a fun way) to keep loading me up with alcohol at this particular function.

He must have felt responsible because he drove me back to 4KQ after the event. But Rod had left an impression. I’d meet up with him at other media events and he would offer advice and show me different ways of writing a story including various ways of reading the story.

He was such a great teacher all those years ago. sadly, we lost contact when I moved to the U.S. and worked in management there in the late 90’s. It wasn’t until I joined 4BC that we were back in contact. Both of us older and wiser. I didn’t know it at the time, but Rod was on his way to Perth to be with family and become News Director at 6PR. Later, I was appointed 4BC’s News Director.

Eventhough we were at opposite ends of the country, Rod and I kept in touch. We’d help each other with advice and crack the odd joke about the ongoing challenges and saga involving Fairfax . We’d also share “INTEL” with each other. He respected me and I respected him.

I last spoke with Rod about a month ago. He was back at the Oncologist. He said, he was going downhill fast. He told me, there wasn’t much time left. He was right.

While many will remember “That Voice” – I will fondly remember how he took me, ( a cub reporter ), under his wing and helped shaped me, into the person I am today.

It’s my hope that I can pass on the same grace and wisdom to the younger journos who are just starting out today and who are in need of a mentor, so that THEY can also become leaders and hopefully extend the same knowledge to the next generation of broadcasters.

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