Gold Coast Ratings: Hot Tomato & Hit both decline as triple j surges

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The second radio ratings for Queensland’s Gold Coast are in this morning, with both market leader Hot Tomato and SCA’s Hit90.9 taking a hit in terms of audience share.

Hot Tomato’s audience share fell 2.4 points to 16.1%. Its lead last survey, however, was big enough that even with the decline, it held onto the #1 position.

Last survey, Hit’s 90.9 fell 0.4 points, and this trend continued in survey 2, with the station falling a further 1.4 points to 7.8% overall.

The only local station to increase its share was SCA stablemate 92.5 Triple M. It jumped 1.2 points to an 11.4% share, maintaining its position as the regional city’s #2 station.

The only other stations in the city to have significant jumps were the ABC’s Radio National (up 1 point to 4.0%), and youth station triple j (up 1.9 points to 9.6%). This now puts triple j ahead of Hit90.9.

In Breakfast, Hot Tomato’s Galey, Emily Jade & Christo held onto #1, but did continues its decline. Last survey, the show fell 3.7 points to a 16.6% share. In Survey 2, this fell a further2.4 points to 14.2%.

Hit’s Bianca, Dan & Ben also declined, down 2.1 points to 8.9%, almost undoing its 2.5 point climb last survey.

This gives the region a new #2 Breakfast show, as triple j’s Bryce Mills and Ebony Boadu jumped 3.6 points to an 11.8% share in the slot.

Triple M’s Bridge, Spida & Flan remained relatively steady, recording a 0.1 point increase to 10.5%.

Hot Tomato also maintained its dominance in Drive, despite a 1.9 point decline. Moyra & Baggs had a 17.7% share, ahead of Triple M’s 12.1%.

Triple M did manage to climb 1 point from last survey in Drive, despite its programming shake-up earlier in the year.

Luke Bradnam did not return this year. Instead, the station plays a highlights package from The Marty Sheargold Show at 3pm, followed by the syndicated Molloy show, At 6pm, The Rush Hour with Dobbo takes over.

Hit’s national Drive show Carrie & Tommy followed by highlights from Sydney’s The Morning Crew with Hughesy, Ed & Erin fell 1.8 points to a 9.0% share.

This put triple j ahead of Hit once more, as the station jumped 1.9 points to 9.5% in the slot.

Hot Tomato’s general manager, Graham Miles, said today’s result shows locals love local.

“We’re extremely proud of our content produced from our Southport studios, and to once again be the Gold and Tweed Coast’s favourite radio station. Our dominating number of listeners is great news for our advertising partners and further cements Hot Tomato as the leading Gold Coast radio station,” Miles said.

Brendon ‘Whippy’ Dangar, Hot Tomat’s  content director, said: “Another fantastic result for our 100% Gold Coast team, again dominating in every shift. So proud of the team and all their hard work and today’s result is further proof that local wins.”

Despite the fall in the ratings, today was a big day for SCA’s Hit90.9 as it officially moved away from the ‘Hit’ branding and reverted to its legacy name of Sea FM.

The changeover happened at 8am.

The station’s new content director, Kim Czosnek, also started today.

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Tom Tate
12 Aug 2021 - 12:14 pm

Hot Tomato has only just begun to tumble.

There’s only so many times you can say “we’re 100% Gold Coast” before more people realise that just because the programs are produced in their backyard, doesn’t mean there the best options available.

100% Gold Coast, great in 2019. Stale in 2021.

Feel the Breeze
12 Aug 2021 - 12:51 pm

Why aren’t The Breeze & Rebel included in the survey? It would be good If we could see their numbers.

12 Aug 2021 - 1:12 pm

Does the Super Radio circus participate in these surveys someone should tell Marcus Paul that Newcastle doesnt take his brekky show anymore 7

12 Aug 2021 - 3:09 pm

Who hates Gold Coast Triple M in PR that they can’t even get a mention??

12 Aug 2021 - 4:23 pm

@Confused Ask “Tom Tate” to concentrate on Triple M and not use his energy attempting to slap Hot Tomato.

12 Aug 2021 - 4:56 pm

Returning SEA has a heritage brand……. aren’t the iconic announcers from SEA now on-air on HOT such as Galey in Breakfast and Moyra in Drive and the Big Kahuna in nights? Carrie and Tommy aren’t heritage SEA.

Need to give Bella Frizza more time on-air she’s very GC!

Peter Mathison
13 Aug 2021 - 8:37 am

@Tom Tate just gave us all an insight into how it’s being spun in the SCA hallways


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