Katie Mattin and Rachel Thaiday launch new ‘Inappropriate Conversations’ podcast

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The hosts of the Am I A Bad Mum? podcast, Katie Mattin and Rachel Thaiday, have launched a new offering, Girls + Wine = Inappropriate Conversations.

The new podcast is from Podshape, the company spearheaded by Jay Walkerden, NOVA’s former head of podcasting.

Mattin too is a former NOVA Entertainment staffer, having hosted Afternoons on Nova in Brisbane, before the station scrapped local workdays in the city.

Girls + Wine = Inappropriate Conversations is as it says in the title.

“The girls sit down at dinner once a week with a guest, whether it be a friend or a listener to add to the fun of a conversation that could literally go anywhere,” publicity for the podcast said.

The podcast promises that nothing is off limits – sex, massage, waxing, anal bleaching and husbands – and will be released every Monday.

Mattin said nothing is kept secret anymore.

“We open up and get loose and hopefully laugh about some of the things that people feel like they shouldn’t talk about,” she said.

The podcast is supporting local hospitality businesses in Brisbane by recording in restaurants across the city each week.

The first episode will go live on Apple, Spotify and other platforms on Monday, October 26.

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