Geelong Ratings: Grant Broadcasters continue dominance

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Grant Broadcasters is kicking goals in Geelong with a dominant ratings performance by K rock and Bay 93.9 in the region’s first survey since November 2016.

They remain the top two stations in Geelong according to the latest Xtra Insights regional radio survey and the figures are impressive.

K Rock recorded a 2.6% increase to be #1 all people 10+ (11.5%) while Bay 93.9 is hot on its heels, rising 0.5% to be #2 all people 10+.

ABC Radio Melbourne was in third place, while triple j recorded a 1.8% increase both overall and for Ben & Liam on Breakfast to finish 4th.

Both stations dominated in Breakfast (Krock #1 and Bay 93.9 #2) and across the day. It’s only in evenings when Bay turned the tables on its sister station with ABC Melbourne claiming top spot.

Andy Mathers, general manager K rock and bay 93.9 says they’re very proud of the results, which follow a lot of hard work.

“The entire Geelong team is justifiably thrilled with today’s results. The cume growth across the board has been extraordinary.”

“It’s very much as ‘proud Dad’ moment for me as I witness such a talented group of people reap the rewards they so richly deserve. Thanks Geelong for having our back.”

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10 Oct 2019 - 8:55 pm

A great result for a great team! Well done.

11 Oct 2019 - 1:38 pm

Where are all the listeners?
Grant Broadcasters has the only 2 stations broadcasting from Geelong and both breakfast shows are rating under 10%? The total of all breakfast show equals less than 50%.
Where is everyone else? Do they listen to Melbourne shows or just don’t listen to the radio?

Sleepy Hollow
11 Oct 2019 - 5:27 pm

Don’t be confused.
The villagers are asleep until after noon.

11 Oct 2019 - 10:29 pm

Every single Melbourne station covers Geelong. Not officially… But considering Sorrento is part of Melbourne’s broadcast area… The signal blasts over all of Geelong. So add to K rock and Bay every other Melbourne station. All of the Melbourne stations get a big slice of listership in Geelong. More than any other regional market in Australia.

Fact Checker
12 Oct 2019 - 8:41 pm

When K-Rock first started in the early 90’s they had a new rock/classic/heavy/rock format .
Then owned by Hoyts who also owned MMM.
Word was that 95.5 K-Rock was making a dent in MMM’s numbers in Melbourne’s west and was appearing on tracking reports.
Mr Ian and Ms Anna sent the word down the line to soften the sound so The Rock wouldn’t dilute 3MMM’s numbers.
So yes it can work both ways @Fact 11 Oct 2019 – 10:29 pm.

7 Oct 2023 - 7:09 pm

This is rubbish. The survey is between the 2 Geelong commercial stations and ABC stations, completely disregarding ALL the Melbourne stations blaring into Geelong (and heard in way more businesses and stores than either Geelong station and the ABC). The Melbourne stations are obviously beating the pants of KRock and Bay


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