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There tends to be two kinds of community radio stations.

There are those that run on the smell of an oily rag, and are staffed primarily by volunteers, with a couple of paid people who keep the station running, and staffed. These stations often have a very eclectic approach to their format.

And there are those that, whilst not overtly commercial, have a focus on running the station in a business-like way. They have the ability to drive strong revenues, and thus pay their staff, therefore attracting higher calibre people; and they almost always have a consistent and well articulated brand position.

Both models have merit and serve different purposes in the sector.

Fresh 92.7 Adelaide is in the latter category, and has for a long time been a community station that punches above it's weight, with a strong influence on the under 30 dance audience in that city.

Now, for the first time in the stations history, they are looking to appoint a salaried Breakfast show.

General Manager Troy Sincock (left) said:

“Obviously a high performing breakfast show is key to a successful radio station. We’re effectively providing a regional radio opportunity in a capital city market focused on increasing engagement with Adelaide’s youth community.

Fresh 92.7 has spent the past 16 years developing talent for other stations, but now this provides an opportunity for talented radio presenters to find employment with Fresh 92.7.”

You can read all the details about the vacant Breakfast role on Fresh 92.7 Adelaide here.

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